About Me

I am excited to be a positive and engaged member of a prospective company. I am passionate, professional, and work well independently and cooperatively. I believe I can use my talents and willingness to grow to serve others.
As a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, and with professional experience under my belt, I understand the responsibilities that come with a position. It is crucial to produce efficient, timely, and error-free work, as well as be a positive influence on others.

My goal is to work for a company that I believe is a positive influence on the world around us. I have a strong commitment to sustainability and stewardship, and would like to work for a company that shares these interest.I am a team player. The good thing is, I know that where I may fall short there will be someone else that can do what I can’t. I am not afraid to ask, but I don’t try not to rely on others as much as I do myself. I learn quickly and am very resourceful.

Disclosure Statement:

I believe that doing what is right can be difficult sometimes, but if you do what is right than your hands wont get dirty. All you have is your character, credibility, and reputation in this business. It would be a shame to lose them.