In the Beginning

I am newly married to the wonderful Sean Harris,  and I am just learning how to go with the marital flow. As my first blog I think it would be a good start to tell you the story of we came to be.

Sean and I met  Nov. 9, 2007.

This is a day that I will remember forever. It was the first round of 5A football playoffs, the game was Guthrie versus Ardmore. I was a junior at Guthrie High School, part of the color guard (band not ROTC) and still bouncy, bubbly and very forgetful. Sean was a senior at Ardmore High School, cool, collected, long hair and knew that this would be the last high school football game that he would attend as a student. Sean hadn’t planned on going to the game, but his dad decided to surprise him and paid for him to take the two-hour drive up to Guthrie with some of his friends. At the Rock, Guthrie’s football stadium, almost every game is sold out and Guthrie’s band has to sit on the visitor’s side. It was five minutes until halftime and the color guard decided to go early and practice. We packed up and headed to the field, but instead of going around the back of the stadium, we walked in front of the entire visitor’s side. Halfway through I, being as forgetful as I was, realized I forgot my flag and had to run back to get it.  As I was walking back towards the field some guys (Sean and his friends) started hollering at me and attempting to flirt. Normally, I would just turn around and snap back with a sarcastic comment but instead I just smiled.

It was the smile that changed everything.

I didn’t see him again until the game was almost over. The score was 69- I have no idea. I was just worried about seeing that boy again. I actually had to physically drag my best friend, and maid-of-honor, Jeanette Sealey to go talk to him. We talked for about three minutes, just exchanging first names and apologizing for how bad we were whopping them, thinking that

I would never see him again.

Well… within the week I get a Facebook message from this boy, Sean. He says he thinks that we met at the game, and sorry if he was creepy for messaging me, and all of this other inconsequential stuff. We talked on Facebook for a while, and on Thanksgiving we exchanged numbers, and things grew from there. I can’t even remember how many times my mom yelled at me for being on the phone after midnight on a school night, or how many times he made me laugh. But as we grew as friends, we realized that we just seemed to fit.

“You’re killin’ me smalls,” a quote from “The Sandlot”, is what we used to say as “I love you” before we could say it. Now I tell him I love him as much as I can as his wife.


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