My dog named Dog

My dog’s name is Offie, which in Chickasaw, means dog. You say it like Opie off “the Andy Griffith Show”, but with an F instead of a P. Offie is the best dog I could ever ask for. He completes our family, or at least until we have kids. Sean and I got Offie off of the summer that we started renting in Stillwater, Okla. We wanted a dog to call our own. We looked at different breeders and websites and found cute dogs, but none of them were quite right until we found him. His parents had just had a litter of puppies and the owners had homes for all of the pups except Offie. They knew he was special and wanted somewhere special to go. They were so happy when we wanted him because they knew he would be loved.

He is a mutt extraordinaire, and he is our mutt.

His mom is a mix between lab and pit bull, and his dad was German Shepherd and something else. She is short, yellow and has beautiful blue eyes. The dad passed away recently but was a big male, that looked like a bear. Offie has one of his mom’s ice blue eyes, and one of his dad’s brown eyes. He is short and muscular, weighs about 50 pounds and has puppy eyes that would melt anyone’s heart. He is the biggest baby you will ever meet, but he does have his pretend tough guy side that can startle even me sometimes. He loves chasing geese and squirrels on Library Lawn here at Oklahoma State University, and has fun playing with other dogs. He is a silly boy, and I love him.

He is my dog and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can see pictures at:


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