Things that help around the house

As a new wife there, are things that I used to assume would just fall into place. The dishes would be done, the house would magically be cleaned. After about two weeks, I remembered I wasn’t Snow White. A. I don’t have sweet little birds and woodland creatures to help me clean and B. I can’t whistle. I may have seven little dwarfs running around (my friends), but it is basically just Sean and me. This can create some unwanted stress. I have, however, figured out a few things that have helped me.

The number one thing that I can say to help anyone is just relax.

Life will go on even if there are a few dishes in the sink. Set your goal to keep things clean, but don’t lose sleep over a load of laundry. It also helps life to stay organized. I am terrible at this, but it is something that I am working on. Keeping things under control will help later on, I promise. Figure out what your roommate/spouse is good at cleaning. If you split up the jobs it makes it easier on everyone. One day I hope to have kids and they will do it all for me, and I will call them chores. Ha Ha!!! Oh, another thing, if you have people over all the time, typically they will have common courtesy, but make sure that they know the floor is not a trash can. Also, from experience, it may not be a good idea to let people sleep on your couch all the time. They should have their own bed at their own house, it’s OK to tell them to go use it. As a college student, these are just some things that I have to watch out for.


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