A little birdy told me…

When you get, married life can be happy, but it will by no means  be easy.  I have found this is pretty true. Sean, my husband, is a wonderful man who wants nothing more than to do well by me and his family. He works hard, and tries his best at everything. Of course we get into little spats, but the majority of the time it’s about who drank the last of the Koolaide or who forgot to switch the laundry. Even though this gets taxing, there is so much more to be blessed about than upset over. He is great at getting himself out of situations, and making me forgive him no matter what, but…

I think what he does best is make me smile.

This I have found is a skill that will help us prevail no matter what. Even after I get home after 2:37 in the morning because my job held me late. Even when I am stressed out because I have two major assignments due and only one night to do them. And what I have found is that it is simple things that make my life completely worth it. By this simple skill he helps to keep me sane. It is funny, even though we have been married almost six months, I still look at him and say, “You’re my husband,” as if it was the first time. I hope for all of you that have been married years and years, you can look at your spouse and just make them smile. Remind them how much you love them, and how looking back on things, even if you would have changed some decisions, that you were blessed that they stuck with you.

Make them smile.


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