May 2, 2013

Campaign Plan Book for the OSU SMSC Graduate Program

Campaign Plan Book for the OSU SMSC Graduate Program

April 1, 2012

6 Months

And we haven’t killed each other yet! Today is our six-month wedding anniversary, and though it’s the year, five years or 50 years, it still means a lot to me. We didn’t do anything special, no flowers or dinner. It is OK though. What means the most to me is that I mean “I love you” with all my heart, and so does he. We will have been together almost 5 years in November, and it is good to see we are going strong. Something I do think that helped is knowing what to expect. Hindsight is 20/20 so they say and if you have hindsight it is easier to deal with future situations.

I know that a lot of people believe that living together before marriage is not acceptable, but I think if we hadn’t lived together for a year before we might have killed eachother. I say this because, if I didn’t know what I knew about Sean before I married him, and then got thrown into that situation, I would not be as happy as I am now. If that makes sense. Sean is an interesting character. In my earlier post I told you about how he makes me smile. He does but there are a more emotions than just that.

Well now I will tell you a short checklist that I think every potential wife should ponder. It is silly but this is what popped into my head.

1. Is he a happy person, even without you?

It takes two happy people to make a happy couple. If he is dependent on you for happiness then it will get too draining. Sean is a happy guy, and it reflects in our relationship.

2. Is he willing to clean the house, and what can he do well?

You do not want to be stuck doing everything all the time. Find out if he keeps a clean house, or if he is “working on it, what chores he can do well to help make your life easier.

3. Know the basics, and how you both deal with them.

What are your future goals, financial plans, if you want kids, and all of those other basics. It wouldn’t be fun to find out after you are married that in 10 years he wants to be a bum.

4. Know yourself, and be ready to get over yourself.

Your husband probably has little quirks that you don’t even know about yet. My husband likes to leave toothpaste in the sink. IT IS SMALL BUT BOTHERSOME. The thing is YOU HAVE TO GET OVER IT. Tell him it bothers you, but there are bigger fish to fry and you can’t get hurt if he forgets once every other month.

5. Communicate without having a complete mental breakdown.

As women we have to understand that it’s not that guys are dumb; they just don’t think like us. Never try to give your husband the silent treatment thinking that he will realize that he forgot to do something. If he forgot, he probably won’t remember. It is our job to communicate. Even if you are emotional, if he has nothing to do with it let him know. Don’t treat him like an idiot, he should have more common sense than that, but don’t automatically expect him to know. He will be able to deal with your emotions or problems if he understands why.

Have a great day.

Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you hubby!

March 27, 2012

A little birdy told me…

When you get, married life can be happy, but it will by no means  be easy.  I have found this is pretty true. Sean, my husband, is a wonderful man who wants nothing more than to do well by me and his family. He works hard, and tries his best at everything. Of course we get into little spats, but the majority of the time it’s about who drank the last of the Koolaide or who forgot to switch the laundry. Even though this gets taxing, there is so much more to be blessed about than upset over. He is great at getting himself out of situations, and making me forgive him no matter what, but…

I think what he does best is make me smile.

This I have found is a skill that will help us prevail no matter what. Even after I get home after 2:37 in the morning because my job held me late. Even when I am stressed out because I have two major assignments due and only one night to do them. And what I have found is that it is simple things that make my life completely worth it. By this simple skill he helps to keep me sane. It is funny, even though we have been married almost six months, I still look at him and say, “You’re my husband,” as if it was the first time. I hope for all of you that have been married years and years, you can look at your spouse and just make them smile. Remind them how much you love them, and how looking back on things, even if you would have changed some decisions, that you were blessed that they stuck with you.

Make them smile.

March 24, 2012

Offie Dog at the lake

Today, we took Offie to the lake. Sean wanted to fish, and I will always welcome a nice stroll along the beach. I am glad that usually when we go fishing, it’s Sean that does the actual catching of the fish. I usually get to be distracted by Offie wanting to chase after the geese, or us just playing in the water. Offie can get pretty comical out there. When boats come by and leave big wakes, he doesn’t quite know what to do so he tries to bite them. We have also discovered that if you skip rocks, he will chase after them. You just might scare away the fish.

Even if we don’t catch fish, It is just nice to have that quiet time that tunes out the world. Plus, Offie dog likes to go exploring with his mommy, and we always seem to find something new and exciting. I think that it is simple pleasures like going out to the lake with my dog and my husband that make my stressful life so blessed.

March 15, 2012


No. 1 rule that I have about work is don’t let it consume you, eat you up, and then spit you out. This is almost funny because I work at a restaurant, but not really. As a married woman, a lot of the time I feel like I have four jobs. I am a wife, a full-time student, and I work two jobs. This can get beyond overwhelming, but, thankfully, this doesn’t happen that often.

Sean is always good moral support, and my job as a wife is pretty smooth. I do wish that we had more time together, but when we are 72 and have nothing to do but be with each other, I am sure I will look back and smile. I am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything, while on my unicycle, with a stampede of clowns running by, and the elephant is getting nutty. Yeah, sometimes it feels like a circus, but I know that in the end every bit of hard work, blood, sweat and tears will pay off. Maybe not on this Earth, but in the Bible it says not to store your treasures on Earth but in Heaven. I feel like that treasure trove is definitely worth all the hard work.

March 9, 2012

Things that help around the house

As a new wife there, are things that I used to assume would just fall into place. The dishes would be done, the house would magically be cleaned. After about two weeks, I remembered I wasn’t Snow White. A. I don’t have sweet little birds and woodland creatures to help me clean and B. I can’t whistle. I may have seven little dwarfs running around (my friends), but it is basically just Sean and me. This can create some unwanted stress. I have, however, figured out a few things that have helped me.

The number one thing that I can say to help anyone is just relax.

Life will go on even if there are a few dishes in the sink. Set your goal to keep things clean, but don’t lose sleep over a load of laundry. It also helps life to stay organized. I am terrible at this, but it is something that I am working on. Keeping things under control will help later on, I promise. Figure out what your roommate/spouse is good at cleaning. If you split up the jobs it makes it easier on everyone. One day I hope to have kids and they will do it all for me, and I will call them chores. Ha Ha!!! Oh, another thing, if you have people over all the time, typically they will have common courtesy, but make sure that they know the floor is not a trash can. Also, from experience, it may not be a good idea to let people sleep on your couch all the time. They should have their own bed at their own house, it’s OK to tell them to go use it. As a college student, these are just some things that I have to watch out for.

March 3, 2012

My mom

I know everyone says that their mom is the best mom out there, but I really think my mom could totally take your mom in a the best mom ever contest. I remember when I first found out that she actually had a name, Tami. I just always known her as mom, or mommy, and to think that she had a name was mind-boggling for some reason. It might be because my mom is my hero, my rock and my shoulder to cry on. My mom taught me how to love, and to be strong. She also taught me that sometimes it’s OK to be weak, like a bad cup of tea. Something I didn’t learn from her is humor. You see, I am terribly unfunny and my mom is anything but that. She may have her silly mom jokes, but I wouldn’t trade one punny moment for the world.

To my mom:

I wish that I could explain how much I really appreciate everything about you.  I hope that one day, when I have kids, that they will love me as much as I love you. I hope that I can show kids what it means to live with love and integrity like you have shown me. I hope to teach them the respect and discipline that you instilled in me. If I have a daughter I want to show her what it is to be a woman of God, and that when she goes out everyone can see her light. I am always going to need you mom. I am still your little girl, just with a different last name. I love you mom. You’re the best.

February 24, 2012

Cook together, but don’t boil over!

Sean and I love to cook, but we don’t get to as often as we would like. We do go out to eat a lot, but our favorite thing to do is cook at home. I work all of the time so it is hard for me to plan a nice dinner. Sean has been really amazing and stepped up to the plate with his cooking. He has impressed me with his ability to cook and try new things. He used to be anti-lettuce, and veggies were something you rarely saw him eat unless they were fried. He has really grown and I am so proud of him exploring the culinary world. The other day he told me he actually craved a salad, and I almost had a heart attack from excitement. Although we may not always have the same ideas about what good food is, we are willing to try it together.

In this process of cooking, we have learned that the age-old saying that food brings people together, is true. By just making a meal together, it seems like we have time talk about our days and get closer.  We have also discovered cooking helps create better communication skills, even if it is nicely asking them to get you out two eggs and a stick of butter. There is a reason that Thanksgiving brings families together, it was a holiday roughly based on being thankful for food. Try this week to plan time to make dinner with your loved ones. Sit at the table, not the couch.

Call your grandma and ask her for a recipe. They always seem to have the best food!

Sean and I like to use our slow cooker a lot. Here is a good recipe that we have found to be a crowd pleaser and it’s really easy to make!

Suzie’s Sloppy Joes

Hands-On Time: 15 minutes
Ready In: 6-8 hours
Yield: 8 servings


3 pounds 95% lean ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/4 cups ketchup
1 cup chopped red bell pepper
1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar
3 tablespoons prepared mustard
3 tablespoons vinegar
2 teaspoons chili powder
Toasted hamburger buns


Cook and stir ground beef, onion and garlic in large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat until beef is browned and onion is tender. Drain and discard fat.

  1. Combine ketchup, bell pepper, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, mustard, vinegar and chili powder in 4 1/2-quart CROCK-POT® slow cooker. Stir in beef mixture. Cover; cook on LOW 6 to 8 hours. To serve, spoon mixture onto hamburger buns.
February 14, 2012

My dog named Dog

My dog’s name is Offie, which in Chickasaw, means dog. You say it like Opie off “the Andy Griffith Show”, but with an F instead of a P. Offie is the best dog I could ever ask for. He completes our family, or at least until we have kids. Sean and I got Offie off of the summer that we started renting in Stillwater, Okla. We wanted a dog to call our own. We looked at different breeders and websites and found cute dogs, but none of them were quite right until we found him. His parents had just had a litter of puppies and the owners had homes for all of the pups except Offie. They knew he was special and wanted somewhere special to go. They were so happy when we wanted him because they knew he would be loved.

He is a mutt extraordinaire, and he is our mutt.

His mom is a mix between lab and pit bull, and his dad was German Shepherd and something else. She is short, yellow and has beautiful blue eyes. The dad passed away recently but was a big male, that looked like a bear. Offie has one of his mom’s ice blue eyes, and one of his dad’s brown eyes. He is short and muscular, weighs about 50 pounds and has puppy eyes that would melt anyone’s heart. He is the biggest baby you will ever meet, but he does have his pretend tough guy side that can startle even me sometimes. He loves chasing geese and squirrels on Library Lawn here at Oklahoma State University, and has fun playing with other dogs. He is a silly boy, and I love him.

He is my dog and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can see pictures at:

February 10, 2012

In the Beginning

I am newly married to the wonderful Sean Harris,  and I am just learning how to go with the marital flow. As my first blog I think it would be a good start to tell you the story of we came to be.

Sean and I met  Nov. 9, 2007.

This is a day that I will remember forever. It was the first round of 5A football playoffs, the game was Guthrie versus Ardmore. I was a junior at Guthrie High School, part of the color guard (band not ROTC) and still bouncy, bubbly and very forgetful. Sean was a senior at Ardmore High School, cool, collected, long hair and knew that this would be the last high school football game that he would attend as a student. Sean hadn’t planned on going to the game, but his dad decided to surprise him and paid for him to take the two-hour drive up to Guthrie with some of his friends. At the Rock, Guthrie’s football stadium, almost every game is sold out and Guthrie’s band has to sit on the visitor’s side. It was five minutes until halftime and the color guard decided to go early and practice. We packed up and headed to the field, but instead of going around the back of the stadium, we walked in front of the entire visitor’s side. Halfway through I, being as forgetful as I was, realized I forgot my flag and had to run back to get it.  As I was walking back towards the field some guys (Sean and his friends) started hollering at me and attempting to flirt. Normally, I would just turn around and snap back with a sarcastic comment but instead I just smiled.

It was the smile that changed everything.

I didn’t see him again until the game was almost over. The score was 69- I have no idea. I was just worried about seeing that boy again. I actually had to physically drag my best friend, and maid-of-honor, Jeanette Sealey to go talk to him. We talked for about three minutes, just exchanging first names and apologizing for how bad we were whopping them, thinking that

I would never see him again.

Well… within the week I get a Facebook message from this boy, Sean. He says he thinks that we met at the game, and sorry if he was creepy for messaging me, and all of this other inconsequential stuff. We talked on Facebook for a while, and on Thanksgiving we exchanged numbers, and things grew from there. I can’t even remember how many times my mom yelled at me for being on the phone after midnight on a school night, or how many times he made me laugh. But as we grew as friends, we realized that we just seemed to fit.

“You’re killin’ me smalls,” a quote from “The Sandlot”, is what we used to say as “I love you” before we could say it. Now I tell him I love him as much as I can as his wife.